Alarm Systems for Home and Business

Alarm Systems

An alarm system is a way of monitoring access points to a property, as well as motion within internal rooms and hallways. Additional elements such as fire detection devices and access control features to unlock doors and garages can also be included. The knowledge that your empty property is protected by a modern alarm system allows you to have peace of mind whilst you go about your day.

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Brands we work with

We install wired and wireless devices, and our technicians will discuss with you the best and most economical method to secure your property.

Our range of systems from a variety of manufacturers can send alerts direct to the client, or to a security monitoring centre, ensuring that your property is safe and secure at all times.

Remote alarm applications allow you to turn the alarm on or off while you are away from the property, and can even open doors, allowing access to temporary visitors. This feature is commonly used on holiday or Airbnb properties that may be vacant for extended periods throughout the year.

Including Back to Base monitoring with your alarm provides an extra layer of protection, knowing that a security monitoring centre will always respond and alert you to an alarms or events in a timely manner. If desired, a security patrol can be dispatched to your premises to do an external check of the building and provide a report back to the monitoring centre.

We provide free quotes and security consultations for our alarm system installations and also service existing systems, replacing batteries, detectors, sirens and other alarm components.